About Us

AGENCIE is a digital company providing editorial models and creatives to the fashion, advertising, design, music, film and television industries. We can provide a full service from inception to completion using a highly skilled team of industry creatives. You can hire just a model; or a photographer to shoot the model; or a stylist, make-up artist, hair stylist, graphic designer, video artist or art director to tie the project together. We can make you a look-book, or advertising imagery, or an editorial fashion shoot - or you can just simply book a model for your own team to work with.

Creative collaboration is incredibly important to us, and our members are supported in all of their creative endeavours. We encourage our models to explore their own ideas and projects in their spare time, and help them to facilitate these where possible. Our creative teams are multifaceted and engaging, and work extremely well together or alone. We like to nurture these relationships, and encourage regular interactions between members.

We subscribe to ethical working practices, and believe in total transparency with both AGENCIE members and clients. We like to work honestly and with integrity; as an online company with relatively low overheads, we are able to charge lower commission rates for our members and thus provide fairer and more realistic rates for our clients. We expect our models to earn a fair daily wage, and we do our utmost to ensure that their working conditions are safe and viable.

We support diversity within the fashion industry and do not see age, gender, size, or ethnicity as barriers to becoming a successful model. If a prospective model has potential and is aware of the current limitations they may face within the industry for not 'fitting a mould', we are happy to represent them. For more information or support, please visit www.allwalks.org.